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Industrial climbers' services

Services of professional industrial climbers are a sphere of construction, finishing and installation works, which develop as quickly as cities. Modern megapolis grows not only in horizontal aspect, but also in vertical. That is why building, renovation and services of constructions require the help of professional climbers. However, “an old fund” also needs such services – actually, in some cases, only industrial climbers can provide their help in careful repairs and protection of historical buildings.

Our company appeared in a sphere of industrial climbing in 2007. Since that time our team of workers has gained certain reputation of first-class professionals, whose experience and knowledge can be reliable.

We offer the services of professional climbers for pleasand prices and can guarantee the following:

  • We fulfill orders exactly on agreed time;
  • You get the best quality for reasonable price;
  • We provide two-year warranty;
  • You will not need any reworkings or corrections after our work;
  • We will not let any accidents, dangerous situations or injures happen during our work;
  • We use only modern technologies, equipment and materials, constantly improving our skills.
ООО (“Alpspecservice” LTD) – all kinds of high-altitude works

You can call us if you need the following services:

  • To renovate, clean of warm up the facades or roofs of the building;
  • To install the water-drain system, air-conditioning or snow detainers;
  • To protect the construction of buildings from fire;
  • To lift the load;
  • To top or remove a tree;
  • To clean the roof from snow and icicles;
  • To install the glass packet, peak or sheath balconies;
  • To install or remove air-conditioning;
  • To produce the welding or wiring works;
  • To install, remove or transfer advertising constructions of any kind;
  • To fulfill any high-altitude work.

What is the price for our services? It is determined by our workers in any particular case. Workers set the price after inspection of object. After making up the detailed plan of work and the enumeration of necessary equipment and consumables you will know the total price for your order, which will stay unchangeable. Services of industrial climbers: our price is a guarantee of reliability.

Work of industrial climbers is permanently connected with high level of danger – both for workers and for environment (people, buildings, property, etc). We got used to organize our process of working in a safe way, in order to avoid any unpredictable situations. The price list for climbers’ work is lower than any other variants of construction works. However, you should be careful with some companies, offering and advertising the climbers’ services with a price below medium level. It often occurs, that the low price in connected with an economy on safety and quality of work.

(“Alpspecservice” LTD) offers you the services of industrial climbers, whose price is accurate and includes the guarantee of your satisfaction with the final result and speed of our work. We don't dump – we work on efficiency of working process and value client’s opinion about our company. Reasonable prices of professional climbers with an absolute confidence in a result – this is our approach!


What is the process of working on your order?


You apply/put your order and we connect with you in the shortest time


We examine the place of work and measure the object for free


We provide an estimate and negotiate about contract

Work on time

We fulfill all the works on time and get a pleased client

Order the climbers’ services

Отзывы клиентов

  • Выражаю Вам и сотрудникам вашей организации искреннюю благодарность и глубокую признательность за плодотворное сотрудничество в 2014-2015 годах. Мы верим в сохранение сложившихся деловых и дружеских отношений
  • Настоящим подтверждаем, что компания «Альпспецсервис» с апреля 2009 г. оказывает услуги с применением методов промышленного альпинизма Московскому представительству фирмы «Хайнс Интернэшнл, Инк» в бизнес-центре
  • Настоящим письмом Московское представительство Компании Би Пи Трейдинг Лимитед рекомендует Компанию Альпспецсервис как надежного поставщика и добросовестного партнера. С уважением, Руководитель отдела Т.В. Козка
  • ООО «Компания «Альпспецсервис» в 2011 году произвела работы по ремонту и замене стеклопакетов, герметизации монтажных швов в оконных проемах ленточного остекления на ТДЦ «ЛОТТЕ» с применением промышленного альпинизма.
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